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Architectural Timber Joinery (ATJ) is a well established Brisbane joinery firm that specialises in manufacturing high quality custom-made timber doors, windows and entries utilising only the finest timber from around Australia and overseas. Whether you are responsible for designing a contemporary piece, building a new home or simply renovating an existing property, Architectural Timber Joinery can meet and satisfy all your needs. We offer flexibility, quick turnaround times and the right price for all materials. Our workmanship and specialist knowledge of timber means you will find our doors, windows and entries in some of the finest homes throughout Australia.

As a licensed Builder, I understand your specific needs onsite as well as utilising the best quality products for your project. I have established and produced a team environment whereby we assist in contributing outstanding joinery to match your scope of works. We offer flexibility, quick turnaround times, the right price and quality control of all materials and workmanship. Where required, AT Joinery provides onsite measurements and practical assistance with unusual orders. Our team is happy to assist and produce quality timber joinery and cabinetry work for all your projects.

Joinery has a reputation for thinking outside the square. Our custom-made doors and windows can complement the most contemporary design or match the quality of the finest colonial style home. Flexibility is a key to our success. The team at Architectural Timber Joinery is happy to work with your designs and assist in providing exceptional timer joinery to match your client’s style.

AT Joinery can advise you on every aspect of timber joinery to suit your renovation or extension project. Majority of our business comes from satisfied clients who value our personalised service and professional craftsmanship. We can assist in recommending specific designs and custom made products to suit your style of renovation or extension. The team has had various experiences in producing some of the most creative and exciting joinery to various homes around Brisbane.